Tuesday, March 2, 2010

National Breakin’ League New York

National Breakin’ League New York

Sat.March 6th 2010 2pm-10pm

197 East Broadway NY. NY.

General admission $20

Pre-sale tickets for $15 available at breakernyc.com

3vs3 Breakin’ battle w/ a 4th alternate

Win a free trip to the national championship for a $3000 prize.

2vs2 Bgirl battle

1vs 1 Locking battle

P*E*A*C*E and Blessings to GURU.

On behalf of The Breaks Kru I would like to wish GURU from GANGSTARR a speedy recovery.

"P*E*A*C*E  and Blessings G.O.D."

This is  my personal favorite joint from GURU. I think the first time I heard it was on  Tony Touch’s rap#38. 

 “I’m gonna make it goddamnit –out in B-R-double Ok-Lyn the planet!” 


WaAaK Breaks Kru founder