Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I'm often asked what were my influences growing up...Who inspired me? While that's no easy question to answer, it's one of my favorites because I get to pay homage to those who have inspired me as a Writer and later on as a BBoy. I'd like to take this opportunity to share with you, two brothers that were huge influences on me as a partner KRASH NFS and Bushwick legend SR NBK. 

Back in like 1994-95...part of our daily operations would be to go with KRASH to Dekalb & Knickerbocker. A lot of the time we'd arrive on the block just as someone from NBK was beating up on one of your favorite Writers or getting handcuffed by detectives. Mostly they'd be chilling on the stoop kickin' rhymes. Maaad memories of dudes LO & TOMMY down huddled around the stoop in the cold listening to PAZER, RAF VO & SR cipher...with the occasional Ghetto celebrity appearance by SWELL from The ARSONIST or TONY TOUCH. Summer time got no ill'r than chilling on Knickerbocker in front of the store on milk crates with a yellow radio kicking it to every chick that walked by and waiting for a fight to pop off. 

 I could go on and on to try and paint a picture of an authentic 1990's up bringing -instead check out my brother KRASH with SR, GEE DUBS & NETA from ACC getting busy at DTF RADIO.



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