Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Summer Classics" at UnionSq. Park

Funktion Productions
"Summer Classics"

July 30th 6pm-10pm
14th Street Union Square Park

JazeArt Remote
Pee Wee
DJ Peace

Hip Hop , House, Funk, Dance Hall, Breaks

Beat Breakers Program at Bronx Academy of Letters

Beat Breakers was a pilot program held after school at Bronx Academy of Letters. For a few weeks this spring, I had the opportunity to help facilitate this program along side Ken Swift. Here's some pics from the final performance in June and a promo video highlighting the experience.

WaAaK Uno
Breaks Kru

Friday, July 16, 2010

"Summer School'n"

For the past four summers I've had the opportunity to work with The Young People's Summer Stock performing arts summer camp held at Garrison Forest in Maryland. The young people are maaad passionate and dedicated to the arts and I won't be surprised when I see some of the YPSS members "make it big". I also have the pleasure of working alongside a talented and respected staff of artist and educators from a wide  spectrum of artistic backgrounds.
I'm usually there about a month teaching Breakin' and Aerosol Art on the daily. On my off time -I train hard, plot my next moves and take advantage of all the beauty that Garrison Forest has to offer. When I leave the camp each year -the kids get ill'r & ill'r..and I leave more inspired. 

Playing my part to properly educate others on Hip Hop culture enables me to share and build with the faaam back home. I've documented some of my experience from this summer at YPSS to give you all some insight to what it is to work with the talented young people at Young People's  Summer Stock. Check out the pictures from the Aerosol AArt Classes and also a few misc. pics from around camp.
P*E*A*C*E & "BWUBNA!!!!"
WaAaK Uno
Breaks Kru


Friday, July 9, 2010

WaAaK.....working a summer job?!?!!

I haven't seen my man WaAak in weeks. We've spoken over the phone only a couple of times since he left for Maryland on June 19th to teach at the Garrison Forest School. He has disappeared 2 summers in a row "to teach at summer camp" at Young Peoples Summer Stock. However, he has been unusually M.I.A. this summer and it bothers me. I've never really questioned his motives until now, only because he has been so sketchy for some reason.....and now I know why.....

A couple of days ago I was walking to the L train on Bedford Ave and North 7th and suddenly got thrown completely off guard. "I ran up the stairs, up to the top floor, open up a door there guess what I saw...."

He is working for Verizon now!!! Congratulations to WaAak for getting a job in the system!!


Cypher Etiquette

Cypher Etiquette

Don’t you hate in the cypher when your run is through and some cornball goes in right after you? Hasn’t it ever crossed your mind that wow! This person’s been breaking for 2-3 months and is straight hoggin' the cypher where all the heavy hitters are in? I’ve found myself and some of my closest friends thinking and verbalizing on the same subject and it all comes down to knowing your rank.

In this addition on the Breaks Kru Blog, we’re going to address Cypher Etiquette. The ins and outs, the dos and don’ts so that the next time you’re out there you know why someone wants to smoke you.

Realistically there are a few key notes to always keep in mind when you’re in a circle, ready to rock out;

1. Make sure your shoes are tied up. Don’t be the herb who’s run got cut short cuz your shoe fell off or even worse, shot off and pegged an innocent bystander in the dome piece. Also, it’s sloppy to have your shoes untied.

2. Don’t lose your hat. Take it off or make sure it stays on but don’t lose it unintentionally. Also it could be used against you by an opponent in a battle so just be mindful.

3. Don’t mix dance forms. The worst is there will be a really ill bboy circle and some geek dressed like a clown comes in and start doing the sponge-bob, D-mack or other dance that doesn’t belong in a breaking circle. Don’t do that, you’re ruining the flow of the cypher.

4. Don’t, by any means, bite another person’s move, style, character, etc. We know when you throw something out that isn’t yours, especially style, so stop it.

5. If you haven’t been practicing, then don’t jump into a circle with the best bboys in the game, you’ll make yourself look really dumb.

6. Try to not spill drinks on the floor

7. DO NOT put that silicon spray on the floor so you can get better spins, spins should be gotten legitimately or not gotten ya bozo!

8. Go to practice dressed like you’re there to practice, go to jams dressed like you’re a fly super hero. Do not miss-match these concepts.

9. If it’s a party then socialization is cool, at a cipher there’s nothing worse than someone getting all chatty while you’re in the zone or are really trying to go all chips in. So know which is which.

10. And have fun, it shows if you’re a robot and are just going through the motions. If your energy is flat then your flavor is flat, c’mon son!

Here’s what a few people said when questioned about the topic:

“Don’t be wack” Vigorous

“There are no rules. You’re at a party having a good time.” Nemesis

“You gotta look fly, back in the days heads wouldn’t come to a jam looking bummy. Heads would get dipped and come through and rock out. Now-a-days heads dress like they’re goin to the gym or gonna go play flag football or something AND they be wack!” Ken Swift

“Go ALL out, there’s nothing worse than holding back and losing or not doing as well as you want.” Brooks Jones

“Set the bar really high so that the next person that goes has to do better than you and you know who to battle” Cesa

So keep these in mind and you’ll do aite, it’s a promise.

OH! And do remember, if you’re wearing a mock-neck with sweatpants or ball shorts and ripped up pair of those Kmart Velcro shoes, we ARE laughing at you!!!

-Brooks Jones out!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rammellzee Rest In P*E*A*C*E!

At the age of 49, artist and musician Rammellzee passed away last week.

Most know Ramellzee from his legendary performance at the Lower East Side Amphitheater in the movie "Wild Style" or from his track that plays at the end of "Style Wars" .
The newer generation may have tried to decipher his interview from the DVD special features of "Style Wars"...personally it was like a bomb droppin' when he broke down the term "Wild Style"! I was even inspired to "Arm" my letters after listening to his interview.

Whether you were a long time supporter of his art and music or just learning of Ramellezee through his passing -Do the Knowledge and and pay some respect for a brother who helped lay the foundation for what we do today.

"Rammellezee Rest In P*E*A*C*E"!

*Clock by WaAaK STF

Bboy Battle: "Freshest of All Time"

Words Beats & Life and The Hip-Hop Theater Festival

"Freshest Of All Time"
2 on 2 Bboy, 1 on 1 Bgirl & 1 on 1 kids Battles.

July 10, 2010 12pm – 8 pm

Columbia Heights Community Club
1480 Girard Street NW
Washington, DC 20009

Battles start at 3pm
"Freshest of All Time" is a free all ages Hip Hop family experience brought to you by Words Beats & Life, 4F Crew and The Hip-Hop Theater Festival. Come out and see the dopest dancers from the east coast battle it out!

2 on 2 Bboy Battle for $1000 !!!!
1 on 1 Bgirl Battle for $200
1 on 1 Small Fry Battle (kids battle 14 and under) for $50Judges:

Ghost (LOZ)
Ken Swift (7 Gems)
WaAaK (Breaks Kru)

HOST: NEMESIS (Breaks Kru)



$25 registration Fee per crew for Bboy Battle
$5 registration fee for small fry Battle
$10 registration fee for the bgirl battle

Also... Wii Play 360 Video Game Tournament for $100

For more info visit:

Friday, July 2, 2010

"Summer Love"

There's no need for meee to get all deep and poetic -or mushy and reminisce about child hood crushes & Summer*Tyme*Flings...The pic says it all.

P*E*A*C*E & Summer Love!!!
WaAaK Uno