Monday, April 26, 2010


Last week we lost another Hip hop legend, Guru from GangStarr. On behalf of Breaks Kru I would like to acknowledge his greatness and send our condolence to his family and friends. 

Years back I was at BB Kings, for the RSC Anniversary after party chillin' with some Bgirls from Canada. We were there before the Bboy crowd arrived -because we were on the deuce catching a flick, drinking and -spaz'n out. The spot was filled with regular club goers because the Anni was still going on. We were in the corner of the club Breakin' and came off on some free drinks from these dudes in VIP that happened to be from Bushwick. 

A few rounds later this dude taps me on the shoulder and was like "Yo got maaad nice kid!" -I turn around and it was Guru. I was ud gassssssed!!! I played kool like -"Ight -thanks faaam." He was there witha female so I just gave'em a pound and kept it moving..ya know? A little while later the Dj throws on "Dwyck" and everyone started  Goin' off!! 

When Guru's verse came in he walked into our lil cipher like..."I chant eenie meenie, minie moe -I wreck da mic like a pimp pimps hoes... " and just started doing his whole shyt. -Yo...I nearly lost it!!! On top of that these Bgirls didn't even know who he was!! -I had to be like..."YO!!!! That's him!!! That's Guru!!!!"  

The rest of the night ended up being maaad ill. I Battled Easy Rock and Legacy and got into a little incident with "your other manz" and had like 3 big ass bouncers kick me out the club...LOL."Good times"!!!!! 

Looking back on that moment makes me appreciate growing up in the New York  during the 80's and 90's. Hearing that Guru passed made me feel like I lost a part of my childhood. Let his life and his music be celebrated..and his death be a reminder that we shouldn't take our health, loved ones or our culture for granted. 
Rest In P*E*A*C*E, G.O.D!!! 
Thank you for your music and inspiration....This one is dedicated to you Faaam.

WaAaK Uno
Breaks Kru 


New York Alliance & Elroy Jenkins Bring You...
2 vs 2 Bboy battle
2 vs 2 house dance competition
*$500 cash prize in each category

Friday April 30th 2010

 at the 
Brooklyn Lyceum
227 4th Avenue Brooklyn,
NY 11215
(R) train to Union St.

"Enjoy all you can eat CHICKEN & all you can drink BEER....FREE with entry...All night long!!!!"

$25 at the door $15 in advance. Presale tickets available @  


spinning Funk, Soul, HipHop & House

Breaks Kru

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Galactic Empire State of Mind

I received a random email from a guy over at in January. My friend Matt, who I had gone to college with and now works as a video editor at, refereed me for the project. Apparently they were looking for "breakdancers", or as I like to call them Bboys, to dance in a music video they were going to film. It was a spoof off of Star Wars and Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind. I was familiar with college humor already so I decided it would be a fun and entertaining gig. It wasn't until I had gotten an email from the costume designer that I realized how big of a production they were actually making this video out to be- and what I had actually gotten myself into. I was casted as a storm trooper and as a rebel pilot. The day of the shoot, I rolled up to the college humor office where they were filming in the lobby. I rounded the corner and was stopped in my tracks as I witnessed R2D2 headed straight at me in full speed. It's head was rotating and it was pumping rap music out of its speakers. I looked to my left and there was 5 children dressed up as ewoks running around and playing. C3PO showed up late cause he just got in off a plane from California.

I met the director and everybody involved, then decided to step aside and stretch out. When it was my turn to be filmed, I suited up in the storm trooper outfit provided to me by the costume designer. I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to dance in this suit. It would have been great to get down to the floor and do some footwork and some power moves in the suit but there was no way I could even bend down to touch my toes. The suit was made of a really hard plastic and it was fitted for a one size body type. Unfortunately that size was not for someone at 5'6". The joint pieces did not bend at my elbows or my knees so I ended up with bruises on my biceps and on the back of my legs. With the helmet on I could not hear the music I was supposed to dance to because of all the noise it made while it grinded against the plastic shoulder pieces.

After a number of rounds, I was forced to retire as a Storm Trooper because my body was beat the @#$! up. Luckily I was able to wait a while until I needed to perform as a rebel pilot. After a long day I was able to give them 5 or 6 throw downs before calling it a night. The video came out great and looks very well produced. I was told later from my people over at college humor that the video received great feedback on a lot of the official Star Wars fan sites.


Friday, April 23, 2010

L.E.S Ecology Center/East River Park Clean-Up

Everyone has a responsibility to serve a greater cause. "Preserving Bboy culture" is the Breaks Kru's purpose. Our work towards the preservation of Bboying wouldn't matter if we were to ignore the importance of preserving our environment. Some people let themselves believe that they can't possibly "make a difference". These are the same people that get in way when others try to put the work in. Don't complain while your community is swept up from underneath you. Be Active!

Mind, body, & culture.

It was an early morning rise and shine this Saturday for Breaks Kru members WaAaK and MykeToes. With a perfect day ahead of them the crew set out, along with 25 fifth graders and their mothers, to the L.E.S. river side park to help clean up and restore its gardens and fields.

All the kids bullied the Breaks Kru immediately and forced them to pick the smallest tree with a broken branch. WaAaK and MykeToes knew they had to pay their dues and went with the flow. This tree needed some serious help and Breaks Kru was ready to do what ever it takes to help the community......and to make sure they did not get jumped at noon for all their lunch money. After de-weeding and reestablishing the diameter of the mulch line anther foot, they tossed all the weeds into their blue, single axle, 1973 Plymouth Duster with rear suspension and wheelbarrowed it over to the compost pile.

Once they tossed all that green into the compost, they wheeled over to the F*R*E*S*H mulch pile. There they were greeted by 6 kids playing in the pile. Being nervous to make eye contact, the Kru asked nicely for some help to fill the wheelbarrow with mulch. Luckily, the kids just had snack time and were in a hyper mood. With the help of 2 shovels and 12 hands, WaAaK and MykeToes headed back over to the Breaks Kru Tree with the wheelbarrow filled to the brim. After laying down the F*R*E*S*H mulch, the Breaks Kru had finished their first task of the day.

Being behind schedule they walked over to the lunch table. There they had 2 glasses of apple juice each and watched as all the kids were on their cigarette break playing on the play ground. The next task at hand was weeding out a section of the garden. Armed with an Ice Pick and Hoe they found the perfect section of the garden- the one with the police tape around it. Shanking their way through the garden Breaks Kru style they assassinated weed after weed. Because they were obvious the yellow dandelions were on the list as #1 suspect. 2nd on the Terror list was random patches of grass that gentrified their way into the flower community.

Just as they thought they were done, a mother pointed out that some of the plants in the garden which had flowers were actually weeds. Confused by the amount of weeds that had flowers, they ice picked their way deeper into the garden. WaAaK and MykeToes could not believe how many weeds there actually were. About 2 hours later, all the weeds were evicted from the garden and onto the concrete. WaAaK and Myke swept up all the remains into an official united states postal service issued crate and dumped the weeds into the compost pile.

The Breaks Kru learned a valuable lesson. Just like the garden, the Bboy culture has weeds. And to an untrained eye they look like they fit in, like they are supposed to be apart of the garden. Simply because they have disguised themselves as flowers. It isn't until you really take a second look that you notice how the weeds choke the life out of the surrounding plants and flowers in order to blend in. They do nothing but destroy the natural beauty and integrity of the garden.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NYC Jacks #4 April 24th 2010

House Dance contest 1 on 1 Battle

Hosted by 

Jeff Selby
Suguru Miyata

Battles 5-10pm...Dance party afterwards
contest starts at 7:30pm SHARP!!!
$200.00 prize

$15 at the door
$10 RSVP

Public Assembly (front Room)
located at 
70 North 6th Street *(Williamburg Bklyn)
Brooklyn NY

"Butter x Breaks" collabo pics.

Here are the pics from the Butter x Breaks Collabo that we did for the Spring 2010 Mishka line.

Shout out to Jay and everyone over at Extra Butter NY. Be sure to check out the full shoot on their Blog -And do yourself a favor & pick up some gooodies from their store.

WaAaK Uno

Saturday, April 17, 2010

No Label watch promo Vid featuring WaAaK One

 No Label Watches has been out for a lil sec –putting that work in, paying dues like everyone else. Here's the new promo video featuring yours truly. We shot at Sole Food NYC over on Lispenard. After store hours we went in, set up shop and spaz’d out real quick on camera. 


WaAaK Uno

Breaks Kru 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Chicken And Beer" Promo Video

No chickens were harmed in the making of this video!!!!!

"Animal Farm"

George Orwell's "Animal Farm" is the ud classic! If you've never read it...shame on you! When you get a chance.. go get a copy from a dingy Hipster who's selling his ex-loft mates left over possessions from a dusty blanket on Bedford Avenue. Tell-em: "WaAaK sentcha." and get the Breaks Kru discount..................SYKE!!  ***Make sure that you check the book for Bedbugs before you copp it.

In the meantime enjoy the throwback full length animation version for free on  youtube.

...And don't forget the Dead Prez, "Animal in Man"  for the Hip Hop spin on the Classic!!!!!

WaAaK Uno
Breaks Kru

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Breaks Kru colabo w/ Extra Butter

Last Saturday after Judging Straight Flava 4, the Kru headed over to Extra Butter for a photo shoot. Plenty of Pizza, Mishka & Laughs. Check out a couple of behind the scenes pics and the teaser trailer that the heads over at Extra Butter put out.
WaAaK Uno
Breaks Kru founder

All The Way Live NEW YORK: 1 on 1 Bboy Battle

All The Way Live Foundation and the Queens Community House have joined forces to help promote dance and raise awareness to budget cuts that threaten after school programs that provide at-risk youth with a safe place to go with positive adult role models. 

All The Way Live NEW YORK
"The Town to the Boogie Down"

Saturday April 10, 2010
*(Battles start at 4pm SHARP!)

Queens Community House
108-25 62nd Drive 
Forest Hills NY 11375
*(same location as Forest Hills Practice) 


1 vs 1 B-girl/B-boy Battle
-1st Place $400
1 vs 1 B-girl/B-boy Battle 18 and under
-1st Place $100
*must provide VALID ID

Exhibition Battle:
8 vs 8 
West Coast H.S. Students vs East Coast H.S. Students

Moshen Sickness-Skill Methods
PowerSerge Beatz N Pieces
Nemesis (Breaks Kru)

Kool Raul-Beatz N Pieces/Supreme Soul
Rocism- Supreme Beings
STX1 aka Serious Black-TAC/Break Beat Pirates