Monday, May 30, 2011

Be Active!!! -"No Control" Crew is!!!

Please help to support our little sisters & brothers from "No Control" Crew. 

"No Control" Crew is the newest/youngest branch on the BREAKS KRU family tree. I've personally have had the privilege to teach, mentor and work with most of them since they were in grade school. Now as young adults they are helping to keep and preserve culture & tradition as well as remain active in their Brooklyn communities. Their dedication to culture and community activism is shown and proven as they have swept up the comp and been ranked #1 in NIKE's "STEP IT UP" youth dance competition. 

Now they need the support of the online community, please visit and cast your vote for "NO CONTROL" or as many votes as you can since voting is unlimited until JUNE 6th....and please help to spread the word.

We thank you in advance for all of your support.
WaAaK Breaks Kru founder